Deluxe Small Business Revolution Main Street Competition

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Deluxe Small Business Revolution Main Street Competition

Corsicana Secures Top 10 Spot in Small Business Revolution Competition

The Small Business Revolution is a home renovation style show championed by the Deluxe Corporation. However, instead of flipping houses for profit, the Deluxe Corporation uses their business expertise and financial affluence to help rejuvenate small town businesses. Having already completed three successful seasons, the Deluxe team is currently looking for a new town to debut on season four. After having scoured the country, our beloved hometown of Corsicana, Texas was chosen as one of the top 10 candidates!  

However, our city has not clinched the grand prize just yet. With two more cuts to still take place before a final location is chosen, Corsicana is currently vying to win the shows grand prize of $500,000 in revitalization funds. That’s why we here at Collin Street Bakery are working hard to help spread the word of this amazing opportunity.  It is our goal to elevate Corsicana’s profile to help catapult our hometown into the top five finalists spots, and eventually, the winner’ podium. 

How can you help Corsicana? Keep reading and learn how to vote!


Wait, I’m Confused. What Exactly Does The Small Business Revolution Do?

Through the Small Business Revolution, the Deluxe Corporation team gives advice, marketing strategies, and real-time solutions to the biggest issues facing small business today. That’s not even mentioning the half a million dollars in funds which will be distributed between six local Corsicana businesses. 

The towns previously featured on the show include Wabash, IN, Bristol Borough, PA, and Alton, IL. To see how The Small Business Revolution helped business in these communities, check out the previous series here.


How Did Corsicana Become One of the Top 10 Towns Chosen?

In early November, the Small Business Revolution (SBR) team reached out to local town officials with the goal of learning more about our city. Their intention was to select towns for the competition they felt would highly benefit from their presence. Because of our towns historic past and bright future, the SBR identified Corsicana as being a prime candidate. On November 13th, Corsicana was named as one of the shows top 20 potential towns. 

However, the selection process did not stop there. The next step in the competition was to narrow the towns down from twenty to ten. To advance, each town rallied on Facebook to share what exactly about their small town they loved most. Cue the vigours clicking of keyboards! All across the city, people’s responses began to flood in!

Thanks to our local townsmen comments and personal anecdotes, Corsicana advanced one step closer to the winning grand prize.




How Do We Move Into The Top 5 Of The Small Business Revolution?

The teams at Deluxe Corporation and the Small Business Revolution (SBR) are planning a visit to each of the top ten towns on their list. Their mission is to sample a taste of each community by interacting with local businesses and their patrons. This visit will determine which towns move into the next round of competition.  Attacking this next stage of the competition takes place on two fronts.


Here's How To Get Involved

FIRST, get active on Facebook! Think about what you love most about Corsicana. Create and share your own posts, pictures, or videos using the hashtag #MyCorsicana. Tag your favorite local businesses as well as and The Small Business Revolution. Give our town a loud digital presence!

SECOND, on the days the Deluxe and SBR teams come to visit, get yourself downtown and get active! Show off just how much we love our town. Find the camera crews downtown and be certain to share your hometown love!  Let them know how our town has positively shaped your life. 

WHEN: January 14th & 15th, 2019

WHERE: Downtown Corsicana

Need some ideas on what to do? 
Have lunch downtown. 
Ride your bike or skateboard around Main and Beaton.
Walk your dog. 
Do some local shopping.
Grab a coffee at Lady Diana’s Zen Cafe
Meet your friends and family downtown for a drink. 


In mid-February, after the SBR team has made the rounds, they will narrow their selection from ten towns to five.  Once they have made their selection, each town will have ONE WEEK to obtain as many votes as possible for their towns. Voting will be open nationwide. 

Once We Make the Top Five, How Do I Vote? 

The specific voting dates have yet to be announced but we will be advertising those dates on our social channels as soon as we know. So stay tuned. Because the winner will be determined by popular vote, voting daily increases our chances! To help yourself remember, text CORSICANA to 55222. When poles open, you will receive daily reminders to vote. 

This is will be the most crucial part of the competition. Each individual vote counts! 

From all of us here at Collin Street Bakery, we want to say thank you in advance for your participation in this contest. We are excited to see our community rally to win this amazing opportunity. 

Remember, you can start sharing and tagging right now!  Stay tuned to our social channels for the cues when to vote. The city of Corsicana is counting on its residents for support so do your part! 


Check out Mayor Don Denbow’s "Message from the Mayor - VOTE for Corsicana" regarding our involvement in the competition.

Read more about the other 9 communities still in the running!

January 10, 2019
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