Fruitcake Forges A New Frontier In Alaska

Fruitcake Forges A New Frontier In Alaska
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Fruitcake is the best on-the-go, nutritional source for wilderness explorers!

CORSICANA, TX - Locally owned and operated business, Collin Street Bakery, recently discovered a brand new group of people eager to join the fruitcakes craze. Best described as 'outdoor adventurers,' this group includes outdoor endurance athletes such as trail hikers, mountain bikers, and free climbers.

Having recently published a series of stories highlighting the features and benefits of fruitcake, CSB released a video showing the specific advantages of taking fruitcake on your next outdoor excursion. Starring fourth-generation bakery owner Thomas McNutt and eight of his wilderness companions, the video highlights the group's week-long expedition into the uninhabited Alaskan countryside.



Thomas McNutt puts it best when he said, "Packed full of energy-providing calories, shelf-stable at room temperature, and delicious to eat, taking fruitcake on our trip was an absolute game-changer."

Try A Pecan Cake On Your Next Adventure!

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February 20, 2019
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