A Mom’s Thoughts On Mother’s Day

May 7, 2024

A Mom’s Thoughts On Mother’s Day

 Poignant Reflections from a Mother of Three

In our fast-paced world, where social media often portrays a glossy version of reality, it's easy to overlook the challenges of motherhood. A few years back, one of Collin Street Bakery's staffers penned an article called To All the Moms Hiding in the Pantry, sharing the authentically complex collection of emotions many moms hold. Her poignant anecdotes and heartfelt confessions were so genuine they resonated with many of our readers. As we approach this year's Mother's Day, we asked her to, once again, let us into her heart and home to share her reflections on this holiday. 

My name is Emily Pair, and I am the Social Media Manager at Collin Street Bakery. If you've ever liked one of Collin Street's Facebook posts or watched one of its Instagram stories, you've seen some of my work. For those who know me, it's nice to see you again! For first-time readers, it's a pleasure to meet finally! 

When I wrote my first ode to moms, it was early 2020. I had just started at the bakery; my youngest, Walker, had been born only a few months earlier. Beginning a new job with a newborn baby and two toddlers was scary. Four years have passed since then, and my munchkins are now ages 9, 6, and 4. As we approach the anniversary of my first blog, I've been reflecting on the beautiful journey of motherhood. Each day brings new joys and challenges, but amidst the chaos, love is abundant, and full of precious moments and memories that make it all worthwhile. 


Meet Harper, my eldest—who made me a mom and showed me the incredible depth of love parenthood brings. She's a true gem with her spunky personality, athletic prowess, and inner beauty! As the fiercest 9-year-old softball player you'll ever meet, watching her on the field ignites a spark in me I didn't know existed. But beyond her athletic talent, Harper's kindness shines through in everything she does. Whether she's lending a hand with chores or helping her younger brothers, I know I can always count on her.


Chayton holds the middle spot in our crew. He's our precious rainbow baby, a bright light who came after the storm of losing our angel baby, Hudson. With a heart as big as Texas, he's the epitome of kindness and tenderness, always looking out for his "Momma" and spreading love wherever his little feet take him. Unsurprisingly, he snagged the Kindness Award at school this year—his spirit shines bright! When he's not busy being a sweetheart, you can find him indulging in his love for fishing and hunting or soaking up any outdoor adventure! 


Walker is the baby of the bunch. He came as quite a surprise and has kept us on our toes since his grand entrance into the world. With boundless energy and an unwavering sense of determination, he fearlessly tackles each day. His love for all things tractors, excavators, and skid steers knows no bounds, and if given the choice, he'd choose "going to work with Dad" over anything else in a heartbeat.

One of the most fascinating aspects of motherhood is witnessing the incredible diversity of personalities within a family. Although they share the same DNA and grow up in the same house, my children have distinct traits, quirks, and passions that make them beautifully unique. 

Every week is a whirlwind of activity, with schedules to juggle, never-ending laundry, and the beautiful chaos of life unfolding before my eyes. Yet, amidst the hustle and bustle, I cherish every morning cuddle, every family dinner, and every goodnight kiss. In the messiness, whether it's artwork adorning the fridge, crumbs scattered on the floor, or muddy boots strewn about, I'm reminded of the immense blessings surrounding me. Motherhood is the dream I've always held close to my heart, and now, here I am, living in the very moments I once prayed for. 


This Mother's Day, my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude for the privilege of being their Momma. My children are my biggest blessings, greatest teachers, and incredible joys in life. I am reminded that "Mom" is not just a title but a sacred calling, a journey of love, a test of patience, and a testament to the strength of family. 

So, here's to all the incredible moms who are rockin' it! May your days overflow with so much love, laughter, and cherished moments with the ones who have shaped you into who you are today. May we embrace this journey with grace, open hearts, and a sense of wonder as we navigate the adventure of raising these incredible little humans. Cheers to us, super moms!

Great Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Mother's Day surprises don't have to be super fancy. Sometimes, little acts of kindness mean the most to resilient moms who give it their all. Here are some heartfelt gift ideas to make Mom's Day extra special.

  1. Make a Memory Jar: Fill a jar with slips of paper, each containing a fond memory you've shared with your mom. Let mom read the slips aloud and enjoy her perspective as she recalls each one.
  2. Write A Sincere Letter: Express your love and gratitude for your mom through a heartfelt letter or a poem. Share with her some qualities you've noticed and admired. Moms love to know they are seen, too.
  3. Give Mom a Taste of Nostalgia: Celebrate Mom with a taste of yesteryears by sharing something sweet that'll transport her back to simpler times. Order one of her favorites, like our DeLuxe® Fruitcake, or a box of our iconic Cherry Ice Box Cookies. She'll appreciate the walk down memory lane.
  4. Tackle Some To-Dos: Offer to do something for her that she would usually have to tackle herself. For example, offer to make dinner, run errands, fold laundry, or clean the house.
  5. Create A Digital Photo Album: Create a slideshow or video montage with photos and videos of memorable moments together. This gift idea is great for those who can't physically be with mom on Mother's Day.
  6. Spend Some Quality Time with Mom: Spend the day with your mom doing activities she enjoys, like going for a walk, watching her favorite movie, or simply chatting and catching up.


Find the Perfect Cork & Fork Combinations

Does your mom love a good glass of wine? Is our DeLuxe® one of her favorite desserts? Then, gift mom the ideal sip-and-savor duo by pairing her favorite fruitcake with a bottle that complements its flavors beautifully. In our latest blog, we've uncorked the secrets for selecting the best bottle to enhance your dessert experience. Whether you're a cabernet connoisseur or just dipping your toes into the world of fine wine, this is your ticket to unlocking the secrets of sensational flavor combinations.


Treat mom to her favorite sweet treat. It might be a small gesture, but she'll seriously appreciate it. From our famous fruitcakes to crunchy brittles and irresistible cookie dough, we have something to make her day truly magical.


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