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Famous For Fruitcake: Celebrities Who Shop At Collin Street

“If You Bake It, They Will Come...”


Alright, so that’s not the original quote. But at Collin Street, our baked goods have attracted millions of customers since 1896. That’s a lot of taste buds and many satisfied sweet-toothed Texans. Thanks to shipping and handling, our award-winning recipe extends beyond Texas borders into all 50 states as well as an international audience.

Because of a vast reach, it’s only natural that our DeLuxe® Fruitcake has garnered attention and loyalty from some serious celebrities. After all, they’re human too! Why shouldn’t they love delicious, moist fruitcake on a regular basis?

We are grateful for the men and women on this list and expect more celebs to sink their teeth into our fruitcake in future years to come.


Celebrities Who’ve Ordered From Us:


Will Rogers

Nolan Ryan

Lyle Lovett

Chuck Norris

Princess Caroline

Michael York

George W. Bush

Dick Cheney

Condaleeza Rice

Stephen King

Steve Harvey

Monte Hale

Joan Van Ark

Steve Allen

Jayne Meadows

Jim Brady

Jim Corbet

Enrico Caruso

John McGraw

Grace Kelly

Robert Urich

Vanna White



Which names stick out to you on this list? We know that fruitcake is just one food, but we also know that good food brings people together. In the morning with your coffee or after dinner with tea - fruitcake is the perfect way to start and/or finish your day with loved ones. (No matter how “famous” you are).

While we’re on the topic, we’re curious . . . which celebrity do you think needs to try a Collin Street Fruitcake? What name(s) should be added to that list? We present you a challenge:

Think of one of your favorite celebrities – athlete, actor, musician, etc. – and share this link with them. How? Well, the wonders of social media of course! Because of the digital age we live in, getting a hold of celebrities is easier than ever before. Ultimately, any Collin Street customer is famous in our eyes, and we hope you keep coming back for more!

We aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. And if your name ends up in bright lights one day, remember the fruitcake that helped fuel your famous fire. Fruitcake is the dessert that brings people together. Celebrity or not. 

Hungry for fruitcake? Order from our selection of DeLuxe® Fruitcakes today!

December 5, 2019
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