Christmas Cake A Family Holiday Tradition

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Christmas Cake A Family Holiday Tradition

Christmas Cake - A Family Holiday Tradition

After 122 years of selling “Christmas Fruitcake,” we are so fortunate to still be the small-town Texas bakery known around the world.


Christmas Cake Festive Holiday Display


Featured on Food Network, The Travel Channel, & ABC’s The Chew, the DeLuxe® Fruitcake has been a Christmas tradition since 1896!



See for yourself why our DeLuxe® Fruitcake is a Christmas must-have:



Why Is The DeLuxe® Fruitcake The Best Christmas Cake?

Fruit cake was invented out of necessity in the days before refrigeration. In those days, coveted fruits, preserved from the summer harvest, were combined with nuts and baked into a dense cake which could be kept in the root cellar for long periods of time.

These cakes were then brought out in the dead of winter, a welcome celebration of nature's bounty during a time of the year when things were scarce. The celebratory nature of these cakes made them a natural Thanksgiving and Christmas treat.

Large DeLuxe and Medium Deluxe Fruitcake

14 Unique Facts About Our Christmas Cake

  • Pecans are one of the most expensive nuts in the U.S. Every single one of our Pecan Cakes is comprised of 27% pecans. 

  • The second largest component of our cakes is fruit, specifically pineapple, raisins, cherries, and papayas. Each of our cakes are held together with our proprietary clover-honey batter.

  • We never substitute less expensive varieties of pecans in our DeLuxe® recipe.

  • We only use native pecans in our Pecan Cake recipes. Native pecans are known to have a sweeter, richer flavor.  Commonly referred to as a “Mother Nature nut,” native pecans are grown the way Mother Nature intended; directly from the seed itself.

  • Both our pineapples and papayas come from our very own Costa Rican farms. Grown in fertile, volcanic soils, these luscious fruits are then glacéed, a process created by the French in order to preserve fruits. 

  • Our DeLuxe®, decorated with the seasonal colors of red and green, is known as THE traditional Christmas fruit cake. 

  • In response to popular customer demand, our Texas Blonde Pecan Cake is decorated with concentric rows of pecans in lieu of the red and green “Christmas-themed” fruit.  

  • Our Apricot Pecan Cake features glacéed Australian apricots which when thinly cut looks like translucent pieces of amber.

  • Our DeLuxe® Fruitcakes are sweetened using locally harvested clover honey from Burleson, Texas.

  • Our pecans are freshly shelled in the largest pecan shelling factory in the world located right here in Corsicana, Texas!

  • At one point in time, Collin Street Bakery owned and operated the largest organic pineapple growing operation in the world.  

  • Next time you watch "The Godfather,” check out the DeLuxe’s® cameo appearance!  In the scene where James Caan's character, "Sonny", learns he is being set up by the Mob, our famous DeLuxe® tin can be seen behind him on the counter. The set designer felt our fruitcake tin added a sense of classic “Americana.”

  • Legend has it the DeLuxe® was taken on one of the Apollo Space missions.

  • Our Deluxe® fruitcake was almost featured in the Guinness Book of World Records! Collin Street’s fruitcake submission was entered into the category for the largest fruitcake ever baked. To memorialize the event, we even had an enormous fruitcake tin made! The lid is proudly displayed in our downtown Corsicana Bakeshop.


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