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As Seen On TV Collin Street Bakery Deluxe Fruitcakes
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Collin Street Bakery "AS SEEN ON TV"

Here at Collin Street, we talk a lot about how our century-old legacy began from humble origins. What originally began as a small local bakery was destined to become a worldwide culinary staple. Some might say our global recognition is simply a matter of luck. But as you take a closer look in our bakery's history, you will see a combination of dedication to our craft, high-quality ingredients, and the timeless charm of baked goods. It’s these characteristics, present in every product we sell, which has enabled us to stay in the hearts of our loyal customers.

For over 122 years we have worked tirelessly to provide you and your families with classics like our famous DeLuxe® Fruitcake. Made with native Texas pecans, hand-picked Costa Rican pineapple, fresh apricots, ripe cherries, pure clover honey, and plump raisins, the original DeLuxe® Fruitcake is our bakeries crowning achievement. As it turns out, we aren’t the only ones who think so! Take a moment to watch a few videos that have been featured on television.


Best Thing I Ever Ate


Home & Lifestyle TV


KWTX 10 Waco & ABC's "The Chew"


Good Morning Texas


The Broadcast TV - Thanksgiving Edition


The Broadcast TV - Gift Ideas

November 7, 2018
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