How Fruitcake Can Fuel Your Next Adventure

May 15, 2023

How Fruitcake Can Fuel Your Next Adventure

Summer is the New Fruitcake Season

Where do all the fruitcakes go after Christmas?—they go on an outdoor vacation, that's what! Fruitcake is becoming the camping food of choice for active summertime enthusiasts.  No longer just considered an after-dinner dessert, hikers, bikers, and campers are taking their fruitcakes out of the kitchens and into the wilderness! Why?—because fruitcake is fuel. 

Since most of you might not have ever considered fruitcake as an outdoor treat, it’s possible to think we are yanking your chain.  We can almost hear your internal thought process, “Good one, Collin Street! Trail mix, granola bars, and protein packs. These are the foods for outdoor athletes on the go. But, fruitcake?

Just cool your jets for a second to consider one question, "What's the different between fruitcake and trail mix?'

What's the difference between fruitcake & trail mix?

Honestly, fruitcake and trail mix are pretty similar. The only difference between trail mix and fruitcake is the rich and luscious batter holding a fruitcake’s ingredients together. Outdoor enthusiasts bored of packing trail mix and meal replacement bars realized this connection, too. Thus, a new source of nutrition was found, and a new outdoor adventure food trend was born! And yes, we understand your initial confusion—but take a second to think about what makes fruitcake a fruitcake:

  1. Protein-rich nuts
  2. Energy-packed dried fruit
  3. All-natural honey

To set this trend to the test, we sent our fruitcake on a hike with recreational trail hiker, Jeremy. Having recently returned from a three-and-a-half-day trip inside Big Bend National Park, Jeremy's hike was fueled by Collin Street Bakery’s finest fruitcakes. Read his thoughts on this new innovative outdoor snack and discover for yourself why fruitcake is the new adventure fuel.   

Our Interview with Jeremy

CSB: So, you’ve had fruitcake before?

Jeremy: Oh yeah! I've had plenty of them.  Many of the guys on the trip thought, "I don't know if we're eating enough." Some of the guys, I think, had lost ten pounds by the end of the trip. I lived off fruitcake, almond butter packets, and beef jerky.


CSB: How did you hear about using fruitcake as fuel on the go?

Jeremy: I overheard a conversation between my fitness coach and Will McNutt. Will asked if my coach would be interested in taking some fruitcakes. I jumped in and said I would! Because I like eating and I knew fruitcake would give me enough energy.


CSB: Do you have a favorite flavor of fruitcake?

Jeremy: The Apricot Pecan Cake is my favorite. But, I also really like the Texas Blonde Pecan Cake.


CSB: How did you prepare your fruitcake for your hike?

Jeremy: I ended up taking the whole tin with me and cutting the cake with my pocket knife as we went. If I'd been thinking ahead, I would have packed the Sliced DeLuxe®. That way, I wouldn't have gotten my knife all sticky.


CSB: Have you ever tried our Chocolate Fruitcake Bites?

Jeremy: No, I didn't know you made a chocolate-covered variety! A lot of guys on the trail were talking about how they wished they'd brought more carbs. They were so focused on bringing protein, they forgot to pack almost anything else. One guy had one small bag of trail mix, which had M&M's®. He said, "Man, I wish I had more chocolate." If he goes again next year, he might like a box of Chocolate DeLuxe® Fruitcake Bite, which has the two things they wanted—additional carbs and chocolate. 


CSB: We hear you're a pretty active guy through and through. Apart from being a hiker, what else do you do?  

Jeremy: I'm a full-time Mail Carrier for the U.S. Postal Service. Nowadays, I don’t walk as much as I used to. But back then, I could walk close to twenty-one miles a day. And, let me tell you from experience. It's a terrible feeling having a big full gut but needing to stay moving. One day when I was in a big hurry, I skipped my snack period. And when I got too hungry, I stopped at a little deli and ordered chicken strips. That heavy fried food sitting on my stomach made me feel miserable. 


CSB: Do you ever buy energy bars or meal replacement bars?

Jeremy: Yes, sometimes. I usually keep a jar of peanut butter or almond butter in my lunchbox. I eat it with either fresh or dried fruits. But see, if I had fruitcake, I wouldn't need so many different containers. Cause fruitcake has all those ingredients in one convenient cake. Fruitcake taste better than any energy bar. Energy bars aren't bad, but they are kinda gritty. Almost like they're made with sand or something. Plus, no matter which flavor you pick, they all taste the same. When I do pack energy bars, I'm never looking forward to eating them. 


CSB: So, working at the post office, I'm certain you handle many of our products.

Jeremy: Oh, working at the post office here, I’ve delivered so many fruitcakes. I've had the chance to see Collin Street Bakery's local impact. But, it's also impressive to see how far your bakery reaches. My wife and I went to Destin, Florida, recently. While there, we were talking with this guy on the beach. He asked where we were from, and we said Corsicana. He said, "Oh, the fruitcake place!" I was stunned. I'm in Florida, and this guy knows about Collin Street Bakery and your fruitcake.

The Perfect Hiking Snack

Here’s the thing, Jeremy is just one of the many trendsetters bravely forging a path of outdoor snackers. While other hikers are dryly choking down their handfuls of glorified birdseed, Jeremy and outdoor enthusiasts like him are happily enjoying a slice of delicious and nutritious fruitcake. Fully fueled and their snack cravings satisfied, these trail trekkers have found a way to stay nourished without needing to eat dehydrated astronaut food. Perfect for grabbing some energy, fruitcake is great for camping, hiking, and any and every outdoor expedition in between. Fruitcake is truly changing the snack game as we know it.

Early innovators have always been teased. They are thought to be eccentric until their ingenuity and genius are truly understood. We all want to be a part of the group of innovators who usher in new trends—those individuals who can claim to have discovered something before it was even mainstream. Traditional camping food is changing. So, it’s time to ask yourself: Are you a camping food innovator?


Discover Your Next Adventure Snack 

Planning a trip through the great outdoors? Then you'll need hiking fuel. Browse our specials page packed with fruitcakes perfect for those on the go. Available in a variety of flavors, sizes, and styles, you are certain to find a treat that satisfies your snack cravings.



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