How Long is Fruitcake Good For?

How Long is Fruitcake Good For?
November 10, 2021

How Long is Fruitcake Good For?

We're Here to Answer All your Fruitcake Questions

We can confidently say fruitcake is a dessert like no other. With an unbelievably unique combination of tastes and textures, a slice of Collin Street’s signature DeLuxe® Fruitcake takes you down a one-way street to flavor town --a town where the party doesn’t end till all the cake is eaten. 

But, sometimes, it can take a while to eat all that cake. So, what do you do with it once you’ve had your fill? --how long is fruitcake actually good for? --how do you properly store it? --can you freeze fruitcake? --what if I made my fruitcake boozy? --does that change anything? 

These are all really good questions and, luckily for you, we have the answers.

How Long Is Fruitcake Good For?

Fruitcake is no ordinary cake. It can stay fresh and edible for months after baking. What typically makes fruitcake last so long is its super dense texture. This texture prevents, let’s say, less than appetizing things from setting up camp in the cake’s crevices. Additionally, a lot of the ingredients in our fruitcakes are dried or glaceéd, so they don’t contain much moisture. And moisture is the villain in all food preservation efforts.

How Long Will Fruitcake Last With Alcohol?

So, how long exactly will fruitcake last with alcohol? Again, fruitcake covered or soaked in alcohol can last much longer than its sober counterparts. Fruitcake with alcohol can last years, and in some rare cases, it can last decades. For those looking to prepare fruitcakes with alcohol for storage, you’ll want to make sure to brush the fruitcake with alcohol fairly consistently across its time in storage.

How to Store Fruitcake Without Alcohol?

Fruitcake without alcohol won’t last as long, however, its shelf life can still be maximized through proper storage techniques. Our fruitcake can last up to one month on your countertop, four months in the fridge, and six months in the freezer. Of course, all this depends on the effectiveness of your storage. We recommend an airtight container of some kind.  For storing fruitcake, you’ll want to make sure to cover it with plastic wrap and place it in an airtight container.

Can You Freeze Fruitcake?

Yes, you can freeze fruitcake. Freezing fruitcake allows it to retain its freshness and quality much longer. In a typical freezer, fruitcake can usually be stored for at least six months. Similar to regular storage, you’ll want to wrap the fruitcake in plastic wrap, then wrap your cake in foil, and place your double-wrapped cake in an airtight container and in the freezer.

Order Delicious Fruitcake at Collin Street Bakery

Now that you’ve learned about fruitcake, you probably want to eat some, right? Trust us, we do, too. At Collin Street Bakery, we provide customers the chance to taste our world-famous DeLuxe® Fruitcake. Packed full of delicious ingredients, our renowned fruitcake recipe has been adorned for over 125 years! In addition to our Regular DeLuxe® Fruitcake, we also carry a variety of other amazing fruitcake products, too, including our DeLuxe® Fruitcake Petites, Milk Chocolate DeLuxe® Fruitcake Petites, Sliced DeLuxe® Fruitcake, and more! 


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Angie Watson
July 8, 2022
How long will your sealed fruitcake in the can last? We’ve had it 2 months but haven’t opened it yet.
Collin Street Bakery
August 10, 2022
Our cake has a shelf life of up to 3 months unopened, up to 6 months in the refrigerator and up to a year in the freezer.
November 27, 2022
I found that I had stored one of your fruitcakes unfrozen for almost a year now! It seems to taste OK. Could that be possible? Maybe it just isn't as fresh as a new one but not bad for us to eat? Please advise!
Indalecia Stanek
December 6, 2022
I bought a fruit cake at the fair this year but I still have a cake is it still goo?
Collin Street Bakery
December 6, 2022
Yes, The fruitcake can stay fresh for up to 3 months when it stays unopened in its tin.
Joan Fairbanks
December 15, 2022
Love the fruitcake purchased at Fresh Market locally.
December 22, 2022
Same here! I was happily surprised to find Collin Street fruitcakes at The Fresh Market! Just purchased 2 today!
Ms Mimi Leveille
January 3, 2023
Oh my goodness who knew fresh market has your fruit cake?
Ms Mimi Leveille
January 3, 2023
I just love your fruitcake is there one with more cherries?
Collin Street Bakery
January 18, 2023
We have a Cherry Fudge Pecan Cake.
Jennifer L
February 3, 2023
I have two unopened fruitcakes in the tin I need to freeze from the holidays (we were fortunate to receive three and a delicious pecan pie!) Can I just freeze them as is because they are unopened ir should I follow the steps you have for wrapping leftover fruitcake? Or should I unwrap and add liquor/brandy to them to get a longer lasting product?
Collin Street Bakery
February 6, 2023
You can freeze the unopened cakes in the tin.
Douglas Clark
May 31, 2023
I buy my husband one of your apricot fruitcakes every Christmas. He took it out of the refrigerator last week and finally opened it. After eating a piece I noticed the pecans tasted rancid/stale. How long should it last in the refrigerator un-opened?
customer service
May 31, 2023
at the most we suggest 3-6 months. being that it was a christmas cake it just hit the 6 month mark. email us or call us to see about a replacement.
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