Introducing Our Newly Revamped Military Pecan Fruitcake Tin: A Tribute to Our Heroes

November 1, 2023

Introducing Our Newly Revamped Military Pecan Fruitcake Tin: A Tribute to Our Heroes

Enjoy this Tasty New Tribute to Our Heroes

At Collin Street Bakery, we believe that great traditions deserve to be celebrated, especially when they honor the brave men and women who serve our nation. We're thrilled to announce the launch of our newly-designed Military Pecan Fruitcake tin, a tribute to the military community who has embraced our delicious treats with open arms. After the overwhelmingly positive reception of our first tin, we're excited to announce the launch of our new military appreciation tin, a keepsake that’s bound to touch your hearts and taste buds.

A Taste of Tradition & Gratitude

Our Military Pecan Fruitcake has already captured the hearts of many with its rich, nutty flavors and moist, dense texture. Crafted from the same recipe as our award-winning DeLuxe® Fruitcake, our Military Pecan Fruitcake features a sprinkling of pecan halves, cherries, and pineapples, finished with our signature glaze. This limited-edition cake is the embodiment of dedication and hard work and is a symbolic representation of the qualities that define our military. 

Honoring Our Heroes with a Revamped Tin

The new Military Pecan Fruitcake tin is more than just a container for a delectable treat—it's a symbol of honor, respect, and gratitude. The revamped design features details that pay homage to our Army, National Guard, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Air Force, and Space Force. From its bold red, white, and blue design to the quality of its craftsmanship, this tin speaks volumes about the values we hold dear.

Why the Revamp?

The overwhelming response to our initial Military Pecan Fruitcake tin took us by surprise, and we're incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support. It's your enthusiasm that inspired us to create an even more remarkable version, more inclusive than the last. We realized, our previous tin did not fully encompass all branches of our military. Now, our tin fully represents all arms, including the Marine Corps and Space Force branches. 


Giving Back to our Military Heros

We're proud to continue our commitment to giving back to those who serve. Like before, 10% of the profits from each Military Pecan Fruitcake sold will be donated to A-rated military charities. Your purchase doesn't just satisfy your taste buds—it contributes to the well-being of our heroes and their families. It's a small gesture of gratitude that goes a long way.


The revamped Military Pecan Fruitcake isn't just a cake—it's a celebration of the military community, a salute to tradition, and a testament to the power of coming together. Whether you're a military family, a friend, or just someone who appreciates a good fruitcake for an even better cause, we invite you to join us in celebrating this special release.


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