April 23, 2023

Your Second Cake Ships for Free

All the more reason to buy two!

Here's a tasty tidbit for you—when you order two fruitcakes, two Texas Pecan Cakes, two pies, or two boxes of Cake Bites to the same address, your second dessert ships FOR FREE. Say “goodbye” to this paying-for-each-item-to-ship nonsense, and “hello!” to flat-fee shipping on multiple desserts. So, whether you order one dessert or one hundred, we'll ship them all for one low, flat Standard Shipping fee. 

What's even sweeter, this offer extends to our sale items. Shop our specials page today, because when you order more, you spend less on shipping!

What makes this offer unique?

Most other mail-order bakeries charge customers a per-item shipping fee—meaning if you, as the customer, ordered two products, there would be two shipping charges; if you ordered five products, there would be five shipping charges, etc. But that’s not how our bakery does shipping. 

At Collin Street, whether you order one cake or one hundred cakes, you’ll only pay one standard fee of $9.95. This perk is exclusive to CSB and a little-known fact to most of our customers. That’s why we wanted to take this time to tell you.

How to take advantage of our flat-rate shipping policy

There are just a few things to keep in mind when taking advantage of this stellar benefit. Our single flat-rate shipping deal only applies to tier-1 products shipped to the same address at the same time. Unfortunately, this offer does not extend to products that require express, overnight, or international shipping. Additionally, this offer cannot be applied to orders with products shipping to multiple addresses or on orders with multiple deliver-by dates.

The best times to take advantage of our flat-rate shipping policy:
  1. During the holiday party season—when you have multiple parties to attend and need multiple desserts to cover all your social commitments, think of our flat-rate shipping.  
  2. When you need to give multiple gifts—there are times when our social calendars become swamped with birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or showers. So, when you find yourself needing several gifts all at once, take advantage of our flat-rate shipping.
  3. When you’re hosting a party—when you’re hosting a party and need a handful of desserts all at once again, Collin Street’s flat-rate shipping policy saves the day!


Shop Now & Save on Shipping

With Collin Street Bakery’s flat-rate shipping policy, you can say “goodbye” to this paying-for-each-item-to-ship nonsense, and “hello!” to only paying once. What's even sweeter, this offer extends to our sale items. 

Take advantage of this exciting news today by shopping our selection of flat-rate shipping-eligible products today. Because at Collin Street Bakery, when you order more, you spend less on shipping!

Terms of Offer

Get $9.95 flat-rate Standard Shipping per address to anywhere in the U.S. Items must ship at the same time. Valid for all Fruitcakes, Texas Pecan Cakes, Pies, and Cake Bites. Not valid for Cheesecakes, White House Pumpkin Cake, or Lemon Bundt Cake. Not valid on previously placed orders. To get these featured offers, click on the product photos or button. No promo code required.


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April 24, 2023
April 24, 2023
does this apply for foreign addresses?
customer service
May 11, 2023
No it only applies to the US area only sorry
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