Tips on How to Store Peanut Brittle

November 10, 2022

Tips on How to Store Peanut Brittle

5 Tips on How to Store Peanut Brittle

For many folks, brittle is commonly associated with the holidays. That’s because brittle, like fruitcake, is considered a type of old-fashioned sweet made from simple yet scrumptious ingredients. A delicious seasonal snack, chock full of nutty peanuts, peanut brittle is the ideal morsel for those who prefer their confectionary creations to crunch. 

So, for those who prefer their sweet treats to have a substantial snap, look no further than Collin Street Bakery when searching for where to buy peanut brittle. Made the old-fashioned way, cooked inside a copper kettle, and cooled on a marble tabletop, our brittle is a homestyle delicacy. Buttery and nutty, one bite of our brittle will have you hooked. Of course, if you want to try and make your brittle last a bit longer, we’ve gathered all the best storage tips and tricks on how to store your peanut brittle. Keep reading to learn more! 

#1 - Store in an airtight container

It should come as no surprise that storing your peanut brittle in airtight containers is one of the best ways to store peanut brittle. Keeping air out helps maintain your brittle's freshness by minimizing the amount of moisture that might come into contact with your sweet treat. In terms of material for your containers, it is totally up to your preference. Quality options include glass containers with lids or plastic storage dishes with snap-on tops. As long as they keep out air, it should work perfectly for storing brittle. 

Storage Tip: Check to see that your storage container is fully dry before storing your brittle.

#2 - Separate your brittle

The second best way to store peanut brittle is to ensure that your chunks of brittle are separated. To accomplish this, spread a layer of wax paper along the bottom of your airtight container. Then add a layer of brittle, ensuring there is a bit of space between each piece. Next, add a second layer of wax paper and a second layer of brittle. Repeat the process until all your brittle is properly stored.

The reason for doing this is that brittle is mostly sugar. And, when moisture comes into contact with sugar, sugar becomes seriously sticky. So, if, by chance, moisture did touch your brittle, and it was stored with all the pieces touching, you’d find the brittle practically glued together into one huge chunk. Good luck breaking that apart!

#3 - Avoid using the refrigerator

Avoid using refrigerators to store your brittle. Despite what you may think, refrigerators are actually very moist environments. Refrigerators are high-traffic places, and internal temperatures can vary based on a fridge’s contents and how frequently the refrigerator door is opened. Therefore, a fridge is a place where moisture will eventually get to your brittle, ruining its delectable crunch. 

#4 - But, if needed, use the freezer

Similar to almost every other food product, freezing is one of the best ways to store peanut brittle. Unlike using the fridge, your freezer will allow you to store your peanut brittle at a more consistent temperature. Plus, the more drastic temperatures of a freezer typically freeze any condensation other stored food products may produce. 

Just remember the above-listed recommendations on how to store peanut brittle—it is essential to ensure that your brittle is placed inside an air-tight storage container and separated with sheets of wax paper.

#5 - Overall, eliminate opportunities for moisture

As we said, the biggest enemy to the longevity of your peanut brittle is moisture. Whether it's during the cooking, cooling, or storage process, moisture and humidity can ruin the best batch of brittle in minutes, leaving you with a soggy, sticky mess. This is why eliminating moisture anywhere you can is our top tip on how to store peanut brittle.


Where to Buy Peanut Brittle?

Here at Collin Street Bakery, we make not only delicious fruitcakes but also high-quality peanut brittle. Made with real sugar and packed full of peanuts, our old-fashioned Peanut Brittle is one of our newest, tastiest offerings. Additionally, we also carry our top-customer-rated Pecan Brittle. If you’ve been wondering where to buy peanut brittle, then wonder no more! Order from Collin Street Bakery today to satisfy your sweet tooth. 



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K. Joy Sedlmair
May 2, 2023
Like freezing fresh fruits (blueberries, strawberries, etc., or cookies, I would lay the peanut brittles flat on the cookie sheet and freeze them in the freezer. When they are entirely frozen and are brittle, then put them in a container or seal them even in a plastic bag:)
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