5 Creative Birthday Desserts

5 Creative Birthday Desserts List Triple Chocolate Cake
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Think Outside the Take-N-Bake Cake Box

Birthdays are like, a really big deal. Some might downplay their birthday, but, despite their hemming and hawing and protests of a party, they secretly want to be celebrated. Who doesn’t!? It feels good to be recognized, even if just a little.

Now, not everyone’s birthday needs to be marked with a fireworks display and a full marching band (although, we all know people who wouldn’t turn down such festivities). But, a noteworthy birthday dessert is always nice. So, as you plan that special someone’s birthday surprise, keep in mind that the cake sets the party tone. Nothing kills the vibe of a birthday celebration quite like a heavy, overly-sweetened slab of vanilla sheet cake.

So, this year, say ‘adios’ to those boring ol’ take-n-bake box cakes. Instead, stick some candles in these creative birthday cake alternatives. By following our handy-dandy “if this, then that” guide, you’ll easily navigate to a dessert guaranteed to exceed every birthday wish.

Scroll down the page to get inspired!

Cherry Fudge Pecan Cake

#1 - If You Like Ice Cream Cake, Try Our Cherry Fudge Pecan Cake

Think about it. The best sundaes are covered in hot fudge, mounds of crunchy pecans, and plenty of juicy cherries. Well, that basically describes our Cherry Fudge Pecan Cake. Just warm a slice or two in the microwave, add a scoop of freshly churned vanilla bean ice cream, finish with a dollop of whipped cream and a cherry on top, and VOLlÀ! Birthday sundaes are served! 


Salted Caramel Pecan Cake

#2 - If You Like Cookie Cake, Try Our Salted Caramel Pecan Cake

Fans of cookie cake will LOVE our Salted Caramel Pecan Cake. Made with semi-sweet chocolate chips, crunchy pecans, creamy caramel bits, and cherry chunks, a slice of our cake tastes like biting into a monster cookie cake. You know those cookie cakes—the ones that have a little bit of everything in them—a little chocolate, some nuts, and some fruit.  Now that’s basically the description of our Salted Caramel Pecan Cake. So, the alternative is only natural.


#4 - If You Like Cupcakes, Try Our Chocolate Covered DeLuxe® Petites

Cupcakes are so last season. Our Chocolate Covered DeLuxe® Petites are totally right now. That’s because these chocolate-wrapped mounds of goodness are so good and so convenient. Not only do you not have to worry about frosting two dozen individual cupcakes (oof!), but the ratio of cake to chocolate is totally sublime. Plus, with our Petites, you won’t have to clean up half-eaten cupcake butts. In fact, our Petites are so delicious, we bet they’ll all be gone by the time the party ends. 


Triple Chocolate Cake

#4 - If You Like Lava Cake, Try Our Triple Chocolate Cake

If you’re a fan of lava cake, you’ll want to try our Triple Chocolate Cake. It’s basically the same, only better! That’s because instead of having a tiny spoonful of chocolate fudge, you can have as much as you want. Our Triple Chocolate Cake comes with a half-pint of silky, fudge icing. That means there’s enough to decorate the entire cake, plus extra to drizzle atop your own individual slice.


White House Pumpkin Cake

#5 - If You Like Carrot Cake, Try Our White House Pumpkin Cake

Fans of carrot cake, be prepared to change your dessert allegiance. Our White House Pumpkin Cake is about to become your new favorite birthday indulgence. While both cakes are made with warm seasonal spices and finished with silky cream cheese frosting, the texture of our White House Pumpkin Cake puts carrot cake to shame. Fluffy and moist, a slice of our Pumpkin Cake is like a piece of heaven on a plate. 


Well, there you have it. Our top 5 favorite birthday cake alternatives are so tasty, they’ll give Betty Crocker™ and Martha Stewart a run for their money.

Haven’t found the right cake to fit your fancy? Don’t despair! We have plenty more confectionery masterpieces for you to choose from. Jump on over to our specials page to see what dessert delicacies we have on sale.


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