How To Slice A Fruitcake

How To Slice A Fruitcake - DeLuxe Fruitcake White Tin
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How To Slice A Fruitcake

Slicing Your DeLuxe® Fruitcake From Collin Street Bakery

When your Collin Street Bakery Fruitcake arrives, your stomach may try to convince you to impulsively rip open the tin and dig in! Now, if you are indulging solo, we see no problem with acting on that impulse.

However, if you are preparing for a holiday gathering, our fruitcake cutting tutorial will help you neatly slice your cake in advance for an elegant presentation of evenly proportioned pieces. And, you will minimize the mess!

Now, there are challenges that accompany attempting to neatly slice a fruitcake comprised of 27% pecans. If not done carefully the cake can crumble when cut. You may begin to wonder -


"Is there a way of slicing my fruitcake without making a mess?!”

Yes, there is! We have created a simple video to easily help you avoid an awkward slicing catastrophe.



How To Slice ADeLuxe® Fruitcake from Collin Street Bakery


Collin Street Bakery Fruitcake Tin On Cutting Board


Things you’ll need:

  • Your fruitcake
  • A cutting board
  • A serrated knife

NOTE - For better results, chill your fruitcake in the freezer for at least two hours prior to slicing. For best results, chill your fruitcake in the freezer overnight. The colder your fruitcake stays, the cleaner it will cut.



Unwrapping Fruitcake Upside Down On Cutting Board

Remove your fruitcake from the freezer. Remove the fruitcake from its tin, peeling off its plastic wrapping and gold paper liner. Place your unwrapped fruitcake upside down onto your cutting board.



Using your serrated knife, slice the fruitcake into two equal halves. If your knife is long enough, you will be able to slice the cake in half in one cut.

NOTE: Even though we are using a serrated knife, do not saw the cake. This will cause the cake to crumble.

Taking your knife, cut the cake horizontally so that you will have four equal cake quarters. Cut one of the quarters into halves and then into halves again. Repeat this process on the other quarters of fruitcake till you have 16 equal, 2” thick slices of fruitcake.



Fruitcake Sliced with Parchment Paper Inserts Upside Down On Cutting Board

Unroll a length of the wax paper, approximately 16” in length. Using your kitchen scissors, cut into 16 equal, 3” x 4” rectangles. Fold the wax paper rectangles lengthwise. Pull the fruitcake slices apart to leave a slight space between them. Place the folded wax paper between the fruitcake slices. Gently maneuver your fruitcake back into its original, tight, circular shape.



Carefully nestle the tin over the sliced fruitcake. Using the cutting board, flip your fruitcake right-side up. You may want to do this over a sink since there will be a few stray crumbs.



Collin Street Bakery Fruitcake Tin On Cutting Board

Place lid back on fruitcake tin. For short-term storage, keep in a cool, dry location or store in your fridge. For long-term storage, store in your freezer.


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October 26, 2018
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