Pumpkin or Pecan: What Is The Best Flavor For Fall?

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Pumpkin or Pecan: What Is The Best Flavor For Fall?

Pumpkin or Pecan: 
What is the Best Flavor for Fall?


Imagine yourself in this scenario: You’re at a holiday shindig. You’ve just eaten a terrific meal surrounded by family and friends. Ambling over to the dessert table, you begin to decide between the possible options from which to choose. You could have a slice of something pumpkin, like pumpkin cake or pumpkin cheesecake, or you could have a slice of pie, pecan, fudge, or fudge pecan. Which dessert do you put on your plate?


To help yourself decide, a little voice in your head poses the question, “Which fall flavor reigns supreme - pumpkin or pecan?” 


Pumpkin or Pecan?.... Pumpkin or Pecan?....


What a tricky question. Both are amazing fall flavors but deciding which is the better of the two is like trying to pin down your all-time favorite movie. It’s totally based on the mood you’re in, right?! I mean either way you choose, you’ll be walking away with a delicious dessert. So really there’s no way to go wrong. But for some reason, no other decision in your life has ever felt this high stakes. Heck! Naming your first child was less stressful!


As sudden gurgling noise shakes your concentration as you realize your stomach is growling impatiently. “That’s it!” You think. “A decision MUST be made!...” and yet the dessert server in your hand remains motionless, suspended in midair, hovering above all your options.


Believe it or not, this kind of indecisiveness when choosing between Collin Street Bakery desserts is an actual medical condition commonly referred to as ‘Cant-pick-a-dessert-itus’ sometimes referred to as ‘I-want-a-bite-of-each-phobia.’


Common symptoms of this condition include envious glances at others’ plates, furrowed brows when glancing at your own plate, and fear of an unsatisfied sweet tooth. If this condition is not cured it can progress to the most severe symptom, dessert regret.


Luckily for you, there are two tried and true cures for this ailment. The first treatment involves reading the delicious descriptions of each dessert so a fully informed dessert decision can be made, thereby alleviating dessert regret. So here we go….


Our Delicious Fall Dessert Details



White House Pumpkin Cake

This cake is fit for a President! In fact, our mouthwateringly moist and aromatic pumpkin cake graces the White House table every holiday. This presidential pastry was first crafted 25 years ago by Chef Roland Mesnier, the Head Pastry Chef at the U.S. White House. Bold pumpkin flavor and traditional holiday spices characterize this moist cake. Covered in a velvety pumpkin-cream cheese icing, this cake is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.





Pumpkin Cheesecake

A rich buttery graham cracker crust perfectly accompanies the subtle pumpkin flavor of our decadent Pumpkin Cheesecake. We begin by gently folding pumpkin puree into thick cream cheese before adding our secret blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, cloves, and ginger and other traditional holiday spices. This thick and luscious cheesecake slices perfectly into sweet and satisfying portions.





Deep Dish Pecan Pie

Filled with a dark, rich filling this sweet pie is a Texas classic. Perfectly baked in a crisp, flaky, and golden crust, our deep dish pecan pie is generously topped with Texas pecan halves. Baked to golden brown perfection this pie is absolute, sticky sweet goodness.






Chocolate Fudge Pie

As rich and gooey as a fudge brownie, this pie is basically a brownie in a crust. Baked in a flaky, crispy, and golden pie crust, our silky chocolate custard is creamy yet firm. Characterized by a flaky, brownie-like top, the rich fudge filling will melt in your mouth.





Deep Dish Fudge Pecan Pie

Can’t decide between a slice of fudge pie and a slice of pecan pie? Our Deep Dish Fudge Pecan Pie is the perfect compromise. Not too sweet, this delectable pie offers a pleasing combination of crunchy and creamy textures. Each perfectly cut slice showcases its flaky, crispy, golden crust. Unsweetened Texas pecan halves are generously embedded into it’s flaky, brownie-like top.




Have You Made Your Decision Yet?


After reading our delicious dessert details have you been able to decide which is the best fall flavor, pumpkin or pecan? Are you still plagued by ‘Cant-pick-a-dessert-itus,’ now even more torn because you want a slice of everything? Luckily for you, there is one more treatment.


Just take a slice of each!


Obviously simple, this course of action is the most commonly overlooked but the easiest to implement. Taking a slice of each means absolutely zero dessert regret and guaranteed dessert satisfaction. You can trust us. We are dessert professionals. Need to order your Collin Street Bakery pumpkin and pecan flavored desserts? Well, you are in the right place! Luckily for you, all the amazing desserts we’ve just described today are on sale! Be prepared for your next upcoming holiday gathering.




October 15, 2018
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