Collin Street Bakery Exclusive Retro Tins

Collin Street Bakery Exclusive Retro Tins
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Now’s Your Chance to Grow Your CSB Tin Collection

Our glorious bakery has been around since 1896. If you’re swift with math, that means you’ve calculated that this year, we are celebrating our 125th anniversary. CHEERS TO US! In honor of this momentous occasion, we are celebrating with some blasts from our past. We’re talking, of course, about some of our most rare, exclusive, retro fruitcake tins.


Never Straying Too Far from Tradition

As you well know, our fruitcake tins are a huge part of our bakery’s history. Shortly after opening our first-ever location, we began storing, shipping, and selling our cakes in tins. Used partially as decoration, but mostly for utility, these airtight tins helped keep our fruitcakes safe and fresh. Keep in mind, back in those days, there were no Tupperware® containers or Ziploc® bags. Thus storage looked quite different.

In the name of keeping with tradition, Collin Street still packs all our fruitcakes in tins. Our most classic encases our crowning glory, our DeLuxe® Fruitcake. Designed in the early-1900s, our DeLuxe® tin’s depiction of a snowy Christmas landscape, a classic Texas cowboy, and the iconic Alamo was specifically designed with our bakery in mind. The artist, whose name has unfortunately become lost in time, was instructed to showcase the Bakery’s pride in our Texas roots. We wholeheartedly believe they succeeded.

Now, since finding a design we loved, we haven’t strayed too far from tradition. But, every now and then, we’ve unveiled a new limited-time design. These limited-batch releases have also become something of a Collin Street tradition, as bakery fanatics and tin collectors alike await the announcement of the latest artistic rendition. Well, wait no more! Because in honor of this, our anniversary year, we are reintroducing for a very limited time, not one, not two, but THREE retro tin designs.

The Cryer Creek Kitchens Tin in Shiny Black

They say black is the most flattering color for formal wear and interesting enough, the same applies to fruitcake tins. Thus, it’s only natural for such a formal event, we’d pull out the black-tie attire… or tins if you will. Cue our Cryer Creek Kitchens tin in shiny black.

If you haven’t heard much about Cryer Creek, that’s not because you’re out of the loop. It’s actually a daughter brand of our Collin Street Bakery. and it’s been pretty quiet since its inception in the 1980s. Our Cryer Creek brand was created with the hopes of reinvigorating and widening Collin Street Bakerys’ reach. The thinking was, Collin Street would promote our traditional, well-received product lines, while Cryer Creek would tackle the huge undertaking of launching new products. The plan was well-intentioned, but never quite gained proper traction. So ultimately, our two brands merged back into one.


The Navarro Farms Tin in Sleek White

The only thing fancier than black tie is, of course, white tie --enter our Navarro Farms Tin in sleek white and glossy red. Similar in origin to our Cryer Creek tin, our Navarro Pecan tin was created to promote a different daughter brand.

The thinking here was our classic, world-famous DeLuxe® Fruitcake would stay associated with our iconic red tin, while a different DeLuxe® Fruitcake variation would be placed in our white-lidded tins with red bottoms, thus distinguishing between the two. Our iconic all-red tins would be used for our online business, while the white and red combo tins would be used for wholesale. However, just like with our Cryer Creek Kitchens tin, we ultimately transitioned back to our all red tin, thus shelving our white tins for later use.

The Needle Point Tin in Bold Gold

Lastly, your formal attire is not complete without a dash of gold --thus, we give you our Needle Point Tin in bold gold. Perhaps the sweetest story of all, our Needle Point tin has the most sentimental value of all our retro tins.

To do this story justice, we spoke with our very own Hayden Crawford. Here’s what he had to say:

“About a decade after my dad came to the bakery, my mom wanted to make him a gift. This was in the mid-70s, I think. Because he worked at Collin Street, mom thought the best gift to make him would be something related to the business. So she made him a needlepoint pillow decorated with our DeLuxe® logo and surrounded by gold and red flowers. One day, our bakery’s president, Mr. McNutt, was walking through the office and spotted the needlepoint pillow in dad’s chair. Mr. McNutt was so tickled by it, he decided to make a tin that looked just like it. And that’s how our Needle Point tin came into being. So, thanks, mom and dad! You left quite a sweet legacy here at our bakery!”

How Can I Get My Hands on a Retro Tin?

So how can you get your hands on some of these exclusive retro tins? Simple enough! Order a Collin Street DeLuxe® Fruitcake or Texas Pecan Cakes, and for a limited time, it’ll come shipped in one of these three tins. If you are wanting a specific tin, keep this in mind...

Select flavors of our regular-sized cakes will be shipped in our white Navarro Pecan tin --this will include our Regular-Sized DeLuxe®, Pineapple, Apricot, Texas Blonde, Cherry Fudge, and Salted Caramel.

Select flavors of our medium-sized cakes will be shipped in our black Cryer Creek tin --this will include our Medium-Sized DeLuxe®, Pineapple, Apricot, and Texas Blonde.

Select flavors of our large-sized cakes will be shipped in our gold Needle Point tin --this only includes our Large-Sized DeLuxe®.

So what are you waiting for?! Start growing your collection today!


~ Retro Tins are only available on select products through August 27, 2021, while supplies last. ~

July 23, 2021
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