Collin Street Bakery Exclusive Retro Tins
February 8, 2022

Collin Street Bakery Exclusive Retro Tins

Grow Your Collin Street Bakery Tin Collection

Our glorious bakery has been around since 1896. If you’re a mathematician, you might have just calculated we recently celebrated our 125th anniversary. CONGRATS TO US! Don’t sweat it if you forgot to get us a gift. *wink*

Getting older means taking a look back at our long legacy. And, what we’ve come to realize is, throughout the years, not only have we baked some pretty swell cakes, but we’ve also packaged them in some really cool containers. That’s why occasionally, we like to revive some of our best, most artistic retro tins. And, today is one of those occasions! 

We’ve relaunched one of our most sentimental tins and made it available for just a limited time. Keep reading to discover which tin we’re talking about and how to get your hands on one. But first, we’ll share why our exclusive retro tins are such an iconic part of Texas history.  

Why Do Collin Street Bakery Fruitcakes Come in Tins? 

As you well know, our fruitcake tins are a huge part of our bakery’s history. Shortly after opening our first location, we began storing, shipping, and selling fruitcakes in tins. Partially used as decoration, but mostly for utility, these airtight tins helped keep our fruitcakes fresh. Keep in mind, back in those days, there were no Tupperware® containers or Ziploc® bags. 

Over the years, modern methods of storage did evolve, making the need for tins obsolete. However, our customers had become accustomed to seeing our cakes in tins, and our bakery leadership relished the distinction. So, the tin stayed.

Our Signature Lone Star Tin

If you’ve purchased a DeLuxe® Fruitcake in the last thirty years, you’ll have seen our signature Lone Star Tin. Designed in the early-1900s to highlight Collin Street Bakery’s pride in our Texas roots, it depicts a snowy Christmas landscape, a Texas cowboy, and the Alamo. 

Since finding a design we loved, we haven’t strayed too far from tradition. But, it took us more than a couple of tries to find the right look. From time to time, we’ll relaunch one of our limited-edition retro designs. These limited-edition releases have also become something of a Collin Street tradition, as bakery fans and tin collectors alike await the release of a throwback. 

So, in the name of tradition, here is our latest limited-release tin!


Our Gold Needlepoint Tin 

Our Gold, Needlepoint Tin is perhaps our most sentimental tin of all. Inspired by a loving gift given from wife to husband, this tin embodies everything good and pure about Collin Street Bakery –family and tradition. 

To do this story justice, we spoke with our very own Hayden Crawford. Here’s what he had to say: 

“About a decade after my dad came to the bakery, my mom wanted to make him a gift.  This was in the mid-70s, I think.  Because he worked at Collin Street, mom thought the best gift to make him would be something related to the business. So she made him a needlepoint pillow decorated with our DeLuxe® logo and surrounded by gold and red flowers. One day, our bakery’s president, Mr. McNutt, was walking through the office and spotted the needlepoint pillow in Dad’s chair. Mr. McNutt was so tickled by it, he decided to make a tin that looked just like it.  And that’s how our Needlepoint Tin came into being. So, thanks, Mom and Dad! You left quite a sweet legacy here at our bakery!” 

How to Get One of These Exclusive Tins

For a limited time, when you order our Large DeLuxe® Fruitcake, it’ll come packaged in one of our exclusive Gold, Needlepoint Tins. Order yours today to start growing your tin collection!

**This is a limited-time promotion, subject to availability. While this promotion is ongoing, all Large DeLuxe® Fruitcakes will come packaged in our Gold, Needlepoint Tin. Tin substitutions are not available. Our Gold, Needlepoint Tin is not available for individual purchase. 

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Olivia Bernabei
February 9, 2022
Today I spoke too a very charming and helpful woman who was kind enough to take my first order by phone. Will I receive my package for Valentine’s Day? Will I also get. A printed copy of “Slice of Life”? What does it cost? How about Vintage lids? My code DC43WS. Thanks for your courtesy special treats. Olivia
Collin Street Bakery
February 15, 2022
Hello! We are so sorry for the late response. Our standard shipping is 7-10 business days, your delicious cake should be on its way to you!
February 11, 2022
I love the backstory as much as the tin itself!
Collin Street Bakery
February 15, 2022
Thank you so much!
Mildred Lott
February 14, 2022
I’m coming to your store that’s of I-20 tomorrow 2-14-22 will the tin be available there
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