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When Collin Street Bakery received a call from Tesla, we didn’t expect to hear this:

“You have the cleanest bathrooms in Texas.”

Why did that matter so much to Tesla? They were looking for locations to place Tesla Charging Stations and had specific criteria – among the criterion was pristine porcelain and perfect proximity to Texas hotbeds like WacoCorsicana, and Lindale.

And wouldn’t you know it? We have comfortable, clean, and delicious Cafés in every one of those locations! But before we dive into our stores and how you can tastefully travel through Texas by Tesla, let’s talk about Tesla Charging Stations and why they’re important today.



Tesla was founded in July 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning (Elon Musk didn’t join until some serious funds had been raised in 2004). The goal was, and always has been, a more energy-efficient method of transportation and societal infrastructure in an effort to keep our world green.

However, the first Tesla vehicle (Model S) wasn’t produced and sold until 2012. Although the venture is relatively new, you might have seen more and more Tesla cars zooming around lately. (Tesla produces about 80k vehicles a quarter). Although, you probably won’t hear one! Tesla vehicles are quiet because they run on electricity, and you charge them in the same way you would charge your phone or laptop. That’s where Tesla Charging Stations come into play.



It’s one thing, if your phone is on low battery, to go find a charger and plug-in. But what happens when your car is on low battery?! Tesla knew solving this problem was key if its vehicles would ever take off in the future. Therefore, they came up with the idea for Tesla Charging Stations across the country. In addition, the launch of Supercharger Stations in 2016 meant many stations would provide a higher-voltage, quicker-charge option. Here’s what the company’s website has to say:

“Stop along the world’s fastest charging network while you grab a quick bite to eat. With our rapidly expanding Supercharger locations placed on well-traveled routes, Tesla can get you anywhere you want to go.”



Did you notice how we added emphasis to that last paragraph? In saying you should “grab a quick bite to eat,” Tesla clearly wants their Supercharger experience to be an enjoyable one. They aren’t placing these things in the middle of the desert.

Note: a Supercharger will charge your Tesla quicker than a home-installed charger or typical charging station charger would. Regardless, you will have to wait a few minutes any place you go while your Tesla powers up.


Five Reasons to Recharge Your Tesla at Collin Street Bakery

  1. When we say recharge, we’re talking caffeine of course (aka liquid electricity). When you present your Tesla key fob at any of our Café-Super Charger locations, you'll receive a free coffee or glass of iced tea. We’re all about #hydration.
  2. Our family-oriented atmosphere is what sustains each Collin Street Café. That's why all our employees go through rigorous training in an effort to sustain our founders’ legacy and vision: great times start with good food and good people.
  3. Speaking of legacy, you can see all about our bakery's legacy at any of our cafés. On display at each location is a gallery of historic photographs perfect for perusing while you wait for your Tesla to charge. It's called multi-tasking: eating cookies, pursuing images, and charging your car.
  4. But, we don't just offer cookies and coffee. Try a slice of our world-famous Deluxe®️ Fruitcake while you're there. We have free samples at each location individually packaged and ready to enjoy.
  5. Lastly, if you’re at any of our Cafés, we understand the need to post about your experience (something like, “Stopped to charge the car. Stayed to eat the cake. Get their bundt down here and check it out for yourself. @CollinStreetBakery #awesome #fruitcake”). While you wait, you can connect to our free wifi and post to FacebookInstagram, or Twitter all about your Supercharger experience!

Pictured in Photo: Bond & Mauri McCall with pets Samantha and Zoey. Traveling from Houston to Dallas for the SMU game.

When Tesla called and inquired about our clean bathrooms, we answered. We loved the idea of ensuring all Tesla drivers would have the best charging station experience. So, if you’re a Tesla driver traveling about east Texas, come pay us a visit. Since Superchargers take anywhere from 30 - 45 minutes to charge, we know it’s important you feel comfortable during your stay. So, come inside, rest, relax, and recharge. We’ve got your back and more importantly, we've got your stomach.


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November 11, 2019
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