The Best Snack Gift for Any Holiday

October 26, 2023

The Best Snack Gift for Any Holiday

Send the Most Delightful Snack Surprises for Every Celebration

Are you in search of the ultimate holiday snack gifts? Look no further than Collin Street Bakery’s wide selection of cakes, bakes, bites, and delights. Whether shopping for a friend, a loved one, or a coworker, we’re certain we can help you discover the perfect snack gifts for even the pickiest of palates.

What Makes a Great Snack Idea For A Gift?

When exploring the best holiday snack gifts, it's essential to keep three significant factors in mind. Firstly, the shelf life of the snacks—snacks with longer shelf lives are best because they ensure your goodies will remain fresh and enjoyable upon delivery. Second, your recipient's personal taste—snack gifts tailored to your recipient's personal taste add a level of thoughtfulness and consideration that will certainly be appreciated. Lastly, your recipient's potential allergies or restrictions—snack gifts should be mindful of any allergies or intolerance to things like nuts, gluten, or dairy. By addressing these aspects of your recipient's diet, you'll create a memorable and considerate snack gift suitable for every holiday!

Snack Gifts That Are Great for Any Holiday

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what to look for in a snack gift, let’s dive into the best ideas for snack foods to give as a gift for any holiday.


#1 - Fruitcake

Fruitcakes are classic holiday fare and a much-appreciated snack gift. Shelf-stable for long periods of time and easy to ship, the arrival of fruitcake signals to most that the holidays are officially here! Plus, fruitcake is the perfect dessert for those who love to entertain. As beautiful as it is tasty, fruitcake doubles as a showstopping centerpiece as well as a delectable dessert.

To find a fantastic fruitcake, look no further than Collin Street Bakery. We have a huge selection of fruitcakes available in a variety of sizes, styles, and flavors, making shopping on our site feel like hitting a fruitcake goldmine.


#2 - Pecan Cakes

Our second top-recommended snack gift is pecan cakes. Similar to fruitcakes, pecan cakes possess the same great shelf-stable, easy-to-ship quality as their aforementioned cake predecessor but with flavor and creative twists. Take, for example, Collin Street Bakery’s uniquely styled Texas Pecan Cakes. Made in the same fashion as our world-famous DeLuxe® Fruitcake, each of our Texas Pecan Cakes contains a distinctive blend of crunchy pecans and glaceéd fruit, giving every flavor its signature taste and texture.

Collin Street Bakery’s flavors of Texas Pecan Cakes include: 
Apple Cinnamon  Strawberry Strawberry Fudge  Apricot  Pineapple  Cherry Fudge  Salted Caramel  Texas Blonde


#3 - Petites

Next on our list of best snack gifts is Petites. A unique dessert creation made exclusively at Collin Street Bakery, our Petites begins with our award-winning and world-renowned fruitcake and pecan cake batters. Instead of being baked inside circular bundt pans, we hand-scoop the batter into perfectly proportioned cake bites. Baked till golden brown and covered in either our signature honey glaze or draped in silky milk chocolate, every Petite is the ideal grab-and-go snack. With twelve bite-sized Petites per box, this snack gift is ideal for those who love to share. 

Collin Street Bakery’s flavors of Petites include: 
Strawberry   Chocolate Covered Strawberry  Chocolate Covered Strawberry Fudge   Apricot   Pineapple  Chocolate Covered Cherry Fudge DeLuxe® Chocolate Covered DeLuxe® 


#4 - Pies

Next up, pies! Pies are wonderful snack gifts because they combine delicious flavors with a nostalgic, homemade appeal that brings warmth and joy to any recipient's day. Our top two pie recommendations include our classic Pecan Pie and scrumptious Fudge Pecan Pie. Both feature crumbly, butter-flavored crusts and are filled with one of two fantastic fillings. Perfect for sharing, pies are the ideal snack gift for those with large families. 


#5 - Brittles

Of course, our list of top-rated snack gifts would have to include brittles. Super easy to share and undeniably addictive, brittle is a beautiful balance of crispy textures, subtle sweetness, and savory nuttiness. At Collin Street, we make our brittle the old-fashioned way—cooked inside a copper kettle before being cooled on a marble tabletop. Available in two flavors, Peanut Brittle and Pecan Brittle, this candy-like confection is the perfect snack gift for those who love a good crunch. 

 Can’t decide on which flavor would make the best snack gift? Order our NEW Brittle Bundle to get more for less!


#6 - Pickles

Looking for an out-of-the-box box snack gift? Then try pickles! Versatile and flavorful, pickles can be used in a variety of different ways, including in recipes, as garnishes, or even as snacks. Stored in airtight jars, pickles not only ship well, they are sealed in their own storage containers. 

For our top recommendation, we suggest Our Picolos™️ Pickle Trio. Made with carefully crafted ingredients, every bite is packed with savory, sweet & spicy flavors. Whether adding them to your favorite sandwich, serving them as a delightful side, or snacking on them straight from the jar, our pickle trio truly is the ultimate palate-pleaser.


#7 - Preserves

Our list of top-rated snack gifts would not be complete without the inclusion of preserves. With countless flavors available, the possibilities of ways to use preserves are endless. Spread on your favorite breakfast breads, layered between cakes, or even spooned into a freshly squeezed pitcher of lemonade for a delightful berry burst, preserves are a welcome inclusion to any holiday gift basket. 

We recommend Collin Street’s own Trio of Preserves. Our trio includes three flavors of preserves— strawberry, blackberry, and pineapple. Made from fruit picked at the peak of freshness, each of these flavors has been thoughtfully blended with natural cane sugar to create our gourmet preserves. 

There you have it—our list of top-rated snack gifts. Next time you’re faced with a holiday and feeling unsure about what to give, opt for one of the above-recommended snack gifts and win the title of “Best Gift Giver!”

Before you leave, check out our full selection of seasonally-specific sales on our specials page. It’ll just take a second, and you’re bound to spot something you fancy. 


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