What is National Fruitcake Day?

What is National Fruitcake Day?

What is National Fruitcake Day?

Celebrate #NationalFruitcakeDay With Us December 27th!



When Is National Fruitcake Day?


In the United States, fruitcake lovers of all ages observe National Fruitcake Day each year on December 27. This year is no different, as we see the hashtag #NationalFruitcakeDay trending on Twitter. While the hashtag has taken on a life of its own for users around the world, in Texas and other parts of the world, this holiday is all about the DeLuxe® Fruitcake from Collin Street Bakery.



How Will You Celebrate This Year For National Fruitcake Day?



Some like to “doctor” theirs with rum, brandy, or their favorite choice of whiskey. Others like to heat it in a toaster oven (or microwave) and add a bit of butter. Still others like theirs just plain. To observe National Fruitcake Day simply enjoy some fruitcake and use #NationalFruitcakeDay to post on social media.


Join me in celebrating

December 26, 2018
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